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Oscar Grant breaks up a fight, gets arrested and shot in the back.

Eric Garner breaks up a fight, gets put in a chokehold and dies.

Unarmed Glenn Broadnax gets charged with assault when the police officers who shot at him missed.

Mike Brown gets shot and killed with his hands in the air.

Jonathan Ferrell is shot and killed while running to a police officer for help.

James Holmes lights up a movie theater and somehow makes it to a police car.

Something is wrong here.

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If Costa Rica couldn’t stop them, then Argentina’s in for the biggest ass whooping they’ve ever seen

Umm the orange ‘terror’ needed 120 minutes plus penalties to win it, so you might want to give your team another nickname asap

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If Costa Rica wins this game in the penalties it’s the most unfair of the story of the unfairness because apart from Navas they’re playing like shit

LOL they’re playing like shit but somehow Holland still hasn’t scored… You realize holland is basically depending on Diver Robben to get a penalty so please take several seats

I wonder how much Robben paid that referee


Is Netherlands strategy only to flop and flail around until they get a penalty kick?

Pretty much


Let’s all cheer for the best player in the Brasil team:  The Referee.

Brasilian cunts.

Take several seats please



Americans, you can’t just start talking shit about Belgium now just because you lost. They dominated the game and deserve the win, and if it weren’t for Tim Howard, your asses would have been handed to you about 2 mins into the game. So take it down 20 notches. Have a bit of respect and…

Bitch shut the fuck.

Case in point… hi-meet-therealme take several seats please

Damn these Columbians run fast

They need instant replay in football..I’m sick of these blind dumbass refs